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it's a website for all fashion freaks, spiritual geeks and everyone who is interested social media, veganism, travel and a dash of beauty, or sometimes even more than a dash. On the internet I'm known as San, am a 21yo Warsaw based entrepreneur, founder of SANOFFICIAL, an influencer, a third year communication in fashion and brand design student and overall a girl with way too many passions, if that's actually a thing. Having love for fashion to music, photography, cinematography, horse riding, figure skating up to creating art, meaning paintings and so on leads me to creating all the content with my own twist to it. Over four years ever since I started my internet journey (by the way if you want to hear all about it click here) I got to collaborate with amazing brands, with that said collecting incredible experiences along the way. From being one of five girls in the polish Nube by Nature campaign, to continously working with global Converse, Levi's, Bering and so much more.


M Y  S T Y L E:

For a really long time my style was changing day by day. Fun fact: my actual interest in fashion started when I got into horseback riding at the age of 11, I adored them premium lines from brands that created clothes for equestrians only. Obviously as every kid I liked playing dressup, but I'd never call it the starting point, cause that was subconcious, none fully trated it seriously. So my horsey style transformed into an extremly colorful one, then into grunge, then pretty basic stuff, to something with a bit of streetwear. Finally I got into place with my fashion sense that makes me feel like I'm slowly getting into the style, the vibe that will stay with me for a little longer. I like to define it as if all things boho, vintage (thinking of 70s to early 90s), streetwear and grunge met at the crossroads and decided to become one. All the influences from the past connected into one and honestly I really am feeling myself with this vibe of mine. I'm not closing myself in a bubble with one tag on it, there's this mixture that I love.



P R I V A T E  L I F E

On daily basis I'm your normal 21 year old gal, who pours her heart into everything she creates. I adore working on all the things that I get to share with you guys in here, same as being in touch with you all over my socials. I also read way too much and watch netflix way too much. Same with listening to podcasts. Am head over heels in love with my maltese named Milo. And overall am really hooked on my spiritual journey including being very interested in universe, moon, law of attraction, crystals, and all that jazz. Am just pretty geeky, you know.


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