January 1, 2019

Another blank space, chapter, 365 days of our lives to be filled with millions of thoughts, memories and stories to later on pass to the rest of the world. There we have it, a new year that for me personally has this magical energy in it already. The kind I've rarely felt before.
So hello dear 2019, nice to meet you, I feel like we'll get along really well. And I have a feeling that so will you, dear reader.

With every new year that comes, there's some sort of mistery to it,
an untold promise, the question:" is it going to be the best one I've had so far? How to make it remarkable? Should I write down my resolutions?
No, that's stupid, I never made it to keep up with that list. Or maybe? Maybe I should give it a shot one last time?" (wow, am I the only one who have thought of Ariana Grande's song right now?).
I bet you're bitting your nails to find out what I am thinking about the whole resolutions thing. Or maybe you're not. Hopefully not. I wouldn't like to be responsible for anyone ruining any part of themselves, including body parts (here - nails). Whatever. I am a total daydreamer, so to me thinking about what I might accomplish in either smaller or bigger picture is smashing. I love the idea of impoving ourselves as human beings in all aspects of humanity and life. So yes, I always hopped on a train with my resolutions (as society calls it, to me they are just goals). Funny how such a small change in the name of a certain action can completly change your perspective. But how to make your goals/resolutions actually work this year? How to make a reasonable list of things
to do in the next 365 days?


(fyi it works not only with the new years magic, you can apply these whenever you want to,
but i believe the magic of new beginnings helps along the way)


I. write down all the things you really want to happen and deep down there feel like you can achieve them
II. add couple of surreal/funny goals, believe me when I say that you really never know
III. prioritize them or decide which ones might be easier/better to accomplish at first and then follow the rest
IV. make a plan and stick to it, because as Walt Disney said "a goal without a plan is just a wish"
V. if you find some obstacles along the way, don't hestitate, maybe they are there for a reason,
maybe they will stop you for a minute or so but along the way may teach you a lesson;
if something doesn't go right, just turn left and continue doing your thing
VI. have fun, enjoy the journey and stay true to who you are deep down there, always.


naturally, cannot share all of them, but here's a very imporant part of my list:


I. become better for the planet, eliminate as much plastic from my life as I possibly can,
try my best to hop on the 'less waste' train even more, than I did at some point in 2018,
spread awareness about that, share my journey
II. learn to balance my life, don't go into either workaholic or procrastinator mode,
be productive, working and active but also make some time for rest
III. spend more time going out with friends; i'm more of a 'staying in' kinda person
but at some point in 2018 I started to treat it as an excuse to not go out at all,
which was a major mistake, we all need people, human connection, laughs, chats and so on, i need more of that
IV. surround myself with people who not only I choose but also who choose me,
who make me feel good, not question my existance but inspire me
and I hopefully can inspire back, keeping all the good vibes in
V. be more spontanous, out of nowhere my (ekhem past) anxious self had crazy spontanous
moments last year that have lead me to incredible places and opportunities,
with that said - to step out of my comfort zone more as well
VI. create more art in all aspects you can think of
VII. journal, meditate and read more, grow spiritually as a person


in general grow, create, learn, meet new people, love more, be more, feel more, live more.


So I hope you live louder than ever before. You have the courage to take risks, be sponatous, sing at the top of your lungs, dance in the rain, love, hug, kiss, love all over again. You are all about good vibes, surrounding yourself with beautiful people and being brave enough to shut some doors that should've been closed a long time ago. You finally reach for your dreams and fight for them, end your internal crisis and find a clear vision of what you want to do, even if that means combining seven jobs at once. I hope you feel loved. I hope you stay true to who you are on the inside.

What are your goals then for the next 365 days?
Am looking forward to find out,
love, San




photography: Helena Ludkiewicz
editing, text and the rest: S A N

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