October 29, 2018

Just as the fear of missing out, the pressure to accomplishing something, most likely success by the certain age is a thing, a really uncool one tho. There’s a moment when every year magazines like Forbes (actually now a ton of print and non print media followed, hopped on the same train) of sharing for example 21 successful people by 21, same with 31 and so on, however 20s and 30s are most popular, I think. Maybe 40s as well. For the longest time I’ve felt like I haven’t accomplished enough, just because by the age of 20 I didn’t achieve something grand, I haven’t won anything meaningful, I don’t have any big ass title or so. I'm just your girl next door and what society made me feel at some point - nothing special.


At first you have to ask yourself - why this pressure, if it does obviously, even occur in your life? Which part of your ego it touches on? For me it was never about numbers, from followers to money and so on, yet I know that for many it is. I grew up as a disney kid, seen people like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Bella Thorne (who I adore for being unapologeticly herself) to many more become big, having a voice within which they could inspire others, they could live out of their passions and "never worry about anything". That's my inner child self speaking now. I obvi know everyone have their worries, they just haven't mentioned them back in a day or as a kiddo I haven't noticed that. So what they have, this voice, has always been an inspiration, on various levels. I was in awe thinking that one day I will be as influencial as they were. In a good way. And they did it all by the age of 20. So when my twenties started I felt as I dissapointed myself, yet I let it sink in, took m e a while tho. At some point asked myself why do I feel like shit thinking of 'not being successful enough yet' and it hit me. I let what society is calling successful get into head way too much, however thanks to meditation and yoga, listening to my soul, not mind that got a little bit crazy due to the world we're living in, got me back on the ground. Just because both of these things focus on what's on the inside, focus on your breath and what your spirit desires. Once you know it - it doesn't matter when you achive your goals. Working on accomplishing your success is a win win situation itself. Personally getting over it, over the pressure of accomplishing something grand by the certain age took me around a year and half I think. But it's gone. Now when I look at people doing things I wish to be doing, I just am happy for them, cause I know that they've probably been in the same place I was at and they got to the 'reward' point. And me? I just gotta take couple more steps till I get there, because if someone made it to achive the think I'm working on right now - I can do it as well, by simply working hard and staying true to myself and my beliefs. And so can you.We're all gonna get there.


When you feel like trash, when something is bodering you in your life -  you have to get to the root of the problem to realise what the problem actually is. Because how are you supposed to get over something if you don't know what the actual thing is? This is something my friend told me the other day and I'm probably gonna refer to it a lot. Anyways - so what's the problem here? Why is that happening? Why there's this pressure to accomplish something by the certain age? One - it has to do with you, with us, with our confidence and self-esteem. If that is low, it's easy to get under anyones influence, it's easy to think that we are worthless and not good enough to be successful, loved, liked or anything that you have ever thought of. It's not the esiest thing to build it, to constantly work on it, but believe me when I say it - it's possible. I've been there, done that. Yet out of all the places around you, you might still be bombarded with them 15 years old influencers who monthy earn more money than you do in a year, or about this heir who got all the money from his parents and now is travelling all over the world, living the life you always wanted. Also along the way having this extremly successful bussiness under his wing. And yes, money, followers (because that is the way of mesuring success in XXI century, unfortunetly) and unlimted travel sound amazing, but doesn't getting there through your own work seem to be even better? I guess here we're meeting our priotrities, our values, and ego.

S H O P   T H E  L O O K:
shirt - asteria
trousers - asteria
sandals - nomadic state of mind



PHOTOGRAPHY: Ewelina Zgiet



  1. Amelia Witkowska says:

    Boziu jak mi tego brakowało! Haha śmieszne ale czytając to przypomniało mi się jak wtedy kiedy postanowiłaś wrócić do robienia wszystkiego w social po angielsku i napisałaś notkę na blogu już tylko w tym języku. Byłam strasznie zawiedziona bo mimo że mówiłam sobie że to dobra okazja żeby się uczyć (bo zawsze czytałam jednak tą polską wersję) to nie chciało mi się tego czytać bo sprawiało mi to duży problem i nie czerpałam z tego żadnej przyjemności bo praktycznie nic nie rozumiałam. Teraz przeczytałam tą notkę jednym tchem bez praktycznie żadnego problemu (wzbogaciłam swój słownik o jakieś 3 nieznane mi dotąd słowa). Także do wszystkich którzy są zniesmaczeni tym że przerzuciłaś się już totalnie na angielski: Jak się chce to można wszystko. Ja obserwowałam Sandrę mimo to że nie rozumiałam praktycznie nic co miała do przekazania czy to na YouTube czy właśnie na blogu, ale robiłam to bo podobało mi się to co robiła po polsku i mimo wszystko chciałam wspierać ją dalej. Jakiś rok temu napisałam pod jej filmikiem że w końcu po 3 LATACH oglądania jej filmów zrozumiałam praktycznie wszystko co powiedziała. Teraz zrozumiałam tę notkę. Więc błagam nie ciągnijcie kogoś w dół tylko dlatego że samemu nie chce wam się wznieść na wyższy poziom.

  2. Alex says:

    I’m so so excited and proud of you! Congrats San, I adore you❤️ You r my fav person in internet??

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