October 2, 2018

From feminist movements to Trump’s election and Clinton’s loss, fighting for women’s rights and going back to 70s fashion - power suits made it back to business. In all cuts, patterns and sizes they are currently having their peak moment. We see so many gals rocking them on the streets as well as on pictures published on the web, yet how they actually became a thing? Have you ever wondered?


As you probably know for an incredibly long time women weren’t wearing any sort of trousers, not even thinking of anything that reminds us of a man’s suit. Suits themselves became a thing thanks to Chanel who created a set that included a typical blazer as for the brand and a midi skirt. Still not as comfy as a pair of trousers, am I right? Speaking of designers cause I’m not a freaking wikipedia or something, so won’t chat about people like Katherine Hepburn who made a huge buzz cause she’a worn a suit, not because it’s not interesting, but if I’d go into detail - this thing would probably turn into a book rather than a blog post. So speaking of designers - Yves Saint Laurent was the first one who actually presented a real women’s tuxedo on a runway back in 1966. Le Smoking, cause that’s how he called it, was firstly extremely criticised and treated as a total whim, only couple of celebs were brave enough to wear it (speaking of Catherine Deneuve or Bianca Jagger and couple more). It broke all the previously made so called rules and put women and men on the same wavelength. Even though at first it wasn’t loved by many, YSL’s tux became one of his most popular creations. It actually got accepted by bigger audience in 1975 when Helmut Newton photographed delicately muscular models with sleek, short, combed to the back hair wearing Yves’s suits. Ever since designers are inspired by Le Smoking that once turned the entire fashion industry upside down. 


Le Smoking created by Yves Saint Laurent for years has been a manifest of feminism presenting the fact that both men and women can wear same kinds of clothes. The message behind it is pretty up-to-date, up till today, when we still have to fight for equality of the sexes and women’s rights. To me a woman wearing a suit is a symbol of a badass, a girlboss, someone who’s fierce and unafraid to be herself and I’m so in for it being one of the manifests of feminism. Speaking of fashion itself and what’s happening on runways right now - due to all that political stuff happening around the globe as well as trends - power suits are so in, actually been for couple of seasons now and are gonna hang around for a little while I feel like. They are for sure in AW’18/19 and SS19 collections appearing in all cuts and patterns, especially in the 70s style (which if you’re wondering is a leading vibe of AW collections). That’s dope actually. I feel like all of us should own at least one set hanging in the closet, just because it’s so timeless, amazing for any kind of occasion and you can create so many looks around a suit; leaving it as an actual suit or simply separating the pieces.


You heard me right. Back in junior high I remember I’ve owned this one, shoulder padded, dark beige blazer that I literally had on only once and it felt super uncomfortable and not me. All the girls at my school were rocking them whilst it seemed like none was made for me so I pretty much always  shunned blazers. Even when they made an appearance as suits a year ago maybe I still wasn’t feeling brave enough to even try one on. As much as I loved seeing my fave gals in them, the voice in head was telling me that they’re just not made o for me. Little did I know that soon I’ll come across a gingham pinkish set that’ll be a game changer. Turns out it’s all about the fit. This one was more oversized, not so well fitted yet had high waisted trousers and let me tell you wearing it felt (and still feels) like a dream. And also I realised that blazers that back in a day I hated so much were all so well fitted and thus why they weren’t my cuppa tea. Right now I think that power suits are my new fashion related obsession. Just as the one you see on the pictures - they really do come in all cuts and colours, either being very modern or as my mum says about this one - give you a a grandma look. I mean I feel like a cool and powerful one at least, even if I look like a granny. 

to me a girl wearing
a suit is
 an absolute
B A D A S S 


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